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Wesley Chapel Pavers is Tampa Bay's premier brick paver installation contractor, serving Pasco, Hillsborough, Polk and Pinellas. Combining decades of experience, the latest equipment and technology and outstanding service, our goal is to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied every time.

We will work alongside you in every stage of the process, from initial consultation through to project ideation and installation, answering any questions you may have along the way to set your mind at ease. Browse through our website for more information or feel free to contact us for more details or for a free estimate.

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My wife and I recently purchased a home in the Lutz area and hired WC Pavers to redo the old concrete driveway. They were quick, affordable and friendly. Highly recommend them!

Dave Sadiq



Marcelo and his guys worked efficiently to install a pool deck in a new housing development my company was building. Their pricing was fair and they were a pleasure to work with.

Kevin Friend



Thanks to Wesley Chapel Pavers we now have a beautiful backyard patio with a fire pit that we love! Our entertaining space has definitely gone up a level.

Jen Harris


Why Choose Wesley Chapel Pavers?

Paver patio

Professional patio paver installation

Brick patio pavers can be a great choice for your patio area. They come in a variety of colors, textures, and designs. You can combine different types of pavers to create intricate patterns, a smooth cobbled effect, or a natural stone texture. You can also mix and match colors for an interesting design. You can also combine them with other exterior features like a fountain or stone columns to create an interesting pattern. Compared to poured concrete, pavers offer better traction and can be used immediately after installation.

The bricks used to make brick patio pavers are made from natural clay that is formed and fired at high temperatures. This creates a durable, nearly impervious surface. These bricks vary in color depending on their origin and the type of clay that is used to create them. There are bricklike pavers made from concrete, but they do not have the color variation of natural brick pavers. There are two ways to install bricks: the dry laid method, which involves placing the bricks over a crushed stone or sand base, and the permanent method, which involves laying bricks on a concrete slab foundation with mortar.

Brick patio pavers are relatively inexpensive and do not require a lot of maintenance. Pressure washing once or twice a year and sealing every 3-5 years will help to extend their lifetime and bring out a beautiful sheen in the surface.

While there has been some recent scarcity in terms of availability, installing brick pavers is still within most homeowners' budgets. You can often build a brick patio for under $10 per square foot, but several factors will affect the budget such as size, location, subsurface, material choice, etc. And if you don't want to take on the full expense at once, Wesley Chapel Pavers offers financing that enables you to spread out your payments.

Driveway paver installation

Brick driveway pavers offer many benefits, including durability and ease of maintenance. If you plan to install brick pavers on your driveway, be sure to prepare the area for them. Before laying them, remove any existing structures, weeds, or landscaping, and grade the area to provide a two-percent slope for drainage. Once the area is ready, place a row of bricks around the edges to help hold them in place.

When laying brick driveway pavers, make sure to lay down a layer of geotextile fabric over the road base. Next, pour bedding sand on top. Once the base is firm, start laying brick pavers in your desired pattern. Make sure that they are cut to fit the area, and use a rubber mallet to tamp them into place. Once the bricks are in place, you can pour joint sand on top of them to create a sturdy edge.

Brick driveway pavers are an excellent choice for homes that are looking to increase the value of their property. They are a more affordable option than concrete, but still offer a high level of durability. Bricks are naturally hard and do not easily crack, so they can withstand a lot of weight. Additionally, bricks are eco-friendly and can be easily removed from your driveway and reused for another purpose.

For regular maintenance, pressure washing your brick driveway pavers once or twice a year is essential. This step will remove weeds and dirt that have grown between the bricks. Once dry, your pavers will look like new again. It's also important to clean stains and grease from the surface regularly.

Pool deck paver installation

Before laying brick pool deck pavers, it is essential that the base for the deck is well-compacted. This base should be at least four to six inches thick and layered with sand or stone dust. The excavation should be about five to eight inches below the top of the pool wall. It should also slope away from the pool, leaving about 1/4 inch free of each foot. This will allow water to drain off the deck and away from the pool.

Brick, travertine, or other traditional pavers make great pool decking materials. These materials are comfortable for bare feet and are also safe for children. The non-slip surface is a major benefit, particularly when children play in the pool area. Pavers are also much safer than traditional concrete patios, which can be damaged by tree roots and freeze-thaw cycles.

Paver pool deck with coping

If you are considering using brick pool deck pavers, make sure that you have enough experience working with brick. Brick pavers can be a DIY project, but you may also want to hire a professional to do it for you. A paver supply company can recommend a contractor for this type of decking project.

The shape of pool deck pavers is also a major consideration. You can choose to use a simple, geometric design or create a more elaborate pattern. For example, you can choose a chevron pattern or a hexagonal pattern. You can also use alternating patterns to create a fishbone effect.

Benefits of installing pavers over other materials

One of the advantages of installing brick pavers in a patio or walkway is that it can improve the resale value of your home. Brick pavers are made up of individual pieces that are made from different materials. They can also be used to create a charming and welcoming first impression.

Installing brick pavers in a patio or walkway is easy. They are easy to maintain and are easy to replace if something goes wrong. These bricks are also highly slip-resistant and skid-resistant. They can withstand heavy traffic and resist cracking because they have a natural textured surface. They also have high abrasion resistance, which makes them a great option for highly trafficked wet areas. In fact, many municipal bodies use brick pavers for their roadways because they can handle heavy traffic.

Compared to other materials, bricks are one of the most durable materials available. Although bricks can develop minor chips and cracks, they will not deteriorate or lose their overall beauty over time. They also tend to resist stains and are resistant to ultraviolet light. They also tend to retain their colour much longer than concrete pavers.

Brick pavers are also cheaper than concrete. When you choose concrete pavers, you have to replace damaged pavers, which can be costly. However, brick pavers can be easily removed and replaced. Moreover, they are more durable than concrete and require less maintenance. Lastly, they are easier to install and can be done in any kind of weather.

Brick fire pit at night

Pavers add value to your home

While it is possible to add significant value to your home without installing pavers, a poorly done job can cost you money that you may not be able to recoup. However, pavers are a good choice for pathways and driveways that lead to your front door or around the back of your property. They also make a nice entranceway to your front or back porch, and can help you direct guests to your mailbox and patio area.

The Southwest Florida real estate market continues to rise. People are looking to move to this sunny state, and many of them want a fully-finished home. Whether you are selling your home or just re-framing the interior, you will want to give it a polished look that adds value to your home. Adding pavers to the outside will give it an overall look that will be sure to catch the eye of buyers.

Brick pavers add curb appeal to your home and increase your home's usable square footage. Covering a patio with brick pavers will allow you to use the space all year round. You can even use outdoor heaters to keep your patio warm during colder months. Additionally, brick pavers are safer than wooden decks.

Brick pavers are a great choice for driveways and walkways. Not only do they provide a warm, inviting pathway, but they also eliminate the problem of mud entry. You can either design your own walkway or hire a masonry contractor to build a custom walkway for you. These walkways will cost you more money, but you can be sure you'll get excellent quality and durability from your pavers.

The cost of pavers vs other materials

The cost of brick pavers varies greatly, and is based on several factors. These factors include the type of brick used and the size of the project. For an average driveway, brick pavers can cost between $10 and $30 per square foot. You can choose to install pavers yourself, but it is very physical work and can lead to costly repairs down the road if done incorrectly. That's why we recommend hiring a professional such as Wesley Chapel Pavers to do the work. We have decades of experience with brick pavers, and we will come out to see the area in question so we provide you with an accurate on-site estimate.

Commercially, brick pavers are typically available at landscape supply stores or garden centers. When you factor in material and delivery cost, the overall cost can add up. If you're a landscaper, you can save money by purchasing pavers that include delivery. Brick pavers can take anywhere from two to five days to install - if you plan well and use a proper base. If you're unsure of how to install bricks yourself, you can find a step-by-step video on YouTube to help you visualize how to lay bricks on your driveway.

Brick paver materials can cost anywhere from $5 to $15 per square foot, again depending on factors such as the size, nature of the job, location, accessibility, etc. Contact Wesley Chapel Pavers today to set up your free estimate. If you're looking for a home solar installation in the Tampa area, contact Riverview Solar.

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